Uriah Heep: Gold From The Byron Era - DVD Audio 2004
Gold From The Byron Era - DVD Audio

Released in September 2004
Label: CRP1674 U.K.

Featuring previously unreleased alternative versions of Heep classics
from the original studio recording sessions

5.1 Surround Sound Music Disc
Remixed for 5.1. surround sound from the original master tapes

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Track listing:
  1. Bird Of Prey (Box/Byron/Hensley/Newton)
  2. Time To Live (Box/Byron/Hensley)
  3. Look At Yourself (Hensley)
  4. Lady In Black (Hensley)
  5. Salisbury (Box/Byron/Hensley)
  6. Tears In My Eyes (Hensley)
  7. Gypsy (Box/Byron)
  8. Iíll Keep On Trying (Box/Byron)
  9. Here Am I (Hensley)
  10. July Morning (Hensley/Byron)
  11. What Should Be Done (Hensley)
  12. Simon The Bullet Freak (Hensley)
  13. Dreammare (Newton)
  14. Wake Up (Set Your Sights) (Box/Byron)
  15. Come Away Melinda (Hellerman/Minkoff)