I'll Keep On Trying
Mick Box /David Byron
Album: Very 'Eavy ... Very 'Umble ... (1970)

David Byron - Lead Vocals
Mick Box - Guitar
Ken Hensley - Keyboards
Paul Newton - Bass
Alex Napier - Drums

    You came to me With all of your lies And I was taken in so well It took me quite a time To see the disguise You made it very hard to tell Now here you are again But you're begging in vain ‘Cause I really don't want to know You came to me With a little bit of charm You had me down on my knees I didn't really think There was any harm But all you ever did was tease You took all the love That I ever had to give There was nothing left to show Well, I remember everything Everything around me The long dark of winter Till the breath of spring Came close enough to drown me So I'm gonna keep on trying Till I feel like dying And I lay down and pass away But that won't happen till tomorrow And by then I can Borrow another day So I'm gonna keep on trying