I Close My Eyes
Album: High And Mighty (1976) (demo)
Ken Hensley

When I think about 
The distance between us 
And how hard it is at times 
Here on my own 
Then I think about your smile 
About our love and, in a while 
I close my eyes and Iím not alone 

Though my footsteps fall 
My love wonít ever stumble 
Through a thousand miles a day 
My love wonít tire 
For with each passing day 
I pray that our love is here to stay 
And then I close my eyes 
And kiss you goodnight 

Sometimes I whisper your name 
Or dream awhile, a lonely loversí game 
All Iím trying to say is 
That I love you in my way 
And though the days seem long 
Iíll soon be coming home 

As I leave my song 
My heart remains with you, my love 
There really are no more words 
That I can find 
For my love, you are my life 
You are the colour in my sight 
And when I close my eyes 
You fill my mind