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November 1979 - May 1980

Mick Box - Guitars
John Sloman - Vocals
Ken Hensley - Keyboards
Trevor Bolder - Bass
Chris Slade - Drums

Album released:

Conquest 1980
Hensley /Slade /Bolder /Sloman /Box
Hensley /Slade /Bolder /Sloman /Box

New Lead Vocal is ex-Lone Star John Sloman.
But Lee Kerslake goes away, accusing Gerry Bron of favouritism towards Hensley's material.
it seems that everyone has something against Hensley ...

Much of the recording was ready for the next album, but they re-recorded at The Roundhouse with Sloman (Lead Vocals)
and  - Chris Slade (Drums), ex-Manfred Mann's Earthband and soon AC/DC's drummer. 

Conquest has been released in February 1980.