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Uriah Heep - Into The Wild - 18 April 2011 Into The Wild

Frontiers FR CD 512 (CD)
FR LP 512 (LP)

Set for release on:
April 15, 2011 - Europe
May 3, 2011 - US 

Line up:

Bernie Shaw - Lead Vocals
Mick Box - Guitars / Vocals
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards / Vocals
Trevor Bolder - Bass / Vocals
Russel Gilbrook - Drums / Vocals
Would like to thank for their love and support Sheila, Romeo and Myki.
A big thanks goes to all my family and friends around the world.
Track list:
  1. Nail on the Head
  2. I Can See You
  3. Into the Wild
  4. Money Talk
  5. Trail of Diamonds
  6. Lost
  7. Believe
  8. Southern Star
  9. I'm Ready
  10. T-bird Angel
  11. Kiss of Freedom
  12. Hard Way to Learn (Bonus Track)
Would like to thank Dad, Carly, Sonny, Brandon,
Kai and Paige for all their love and support.
Would like to thank his wife Radka, Maddie and new born son Valentino
for their support and ultimate understanding during the last frantic year
of touring and recording. Also all my family back in Canada.
The're never far from my thoughts. (and SKYPE!)
Would like to thank Music - the fabric of all life.
Thanks his wife Shelley, kids Sarah, James, Ashley and also
Joe Bolder for his help in the studio, along with all other family members
and his friends wherever they are all over the world.