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Live In The Usa

Live recording from U.S. Classic Rock Festival 2002
DVD Released in May 2003

Mick Box - Guitar, Vocals
Bernie Shaw - Lead Vocals
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards, Vocals
Trevor Bolder - Bass, Vocals
Lee Kerslake - Drums

Uriah Heep - Live In The Usa 2002 Video DVD

Track listing:
  1. Easy Livin' (Hensley)
  2. Stealin' (Hensley)
  3. Rainbow Demon (Hensley)
  4. I'll Keep on Trying (Box/Byron)
  5. Heartless Land (Box/P.Lanzon/M.Lanzon)
  6. The Other Side of Midnight (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)
  7. Return to Fantasy (Hensley/Byron)
  8. Rain (Hensley)
  9. The Wizard (Hensley/Clarke)
  10. Blind Eye (Hensley)
  11. That's The Way That It Is (Bliss)
  12. The Magician's Birthday (Hensley/Box/Kerslake)
  13. Look at Yourself (Hensley)
  14. Lady in Black (Hensley)

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