Easy Livin' - A History of Uriah Heep
Released in 1985
Format: VHS
Virgin Video
70 minutes

Interview with Ken Hensley directed by Nick Mead.
Tracks 1-5 and 6 directed by Tony Palmer.
Tracks 7-10 directed by Keef.

Uriah Heep - Easy Livin' - A History of Uriah Heep 1985

Track listing:
  1. Easy Livin' (Hensley)
  2. So Tired (Box/Hensley/Byron/Kerslake/Thain)
  3. Stealin' (Hensley)
  4. Love Machine (Hensley/Box/Byron)
  5. Rock 'N' Roll Medley
  6. The Easy Road (Hensley)
  7. One More Night (Hensley)
  8. Come Back To Me (Kerslake/Hensley)
  9. Falling In Love (Hensley)
  10. Feelings (Hensley)
  11. The Wizard (Hensley/Clarke)
  12. Stay On Top (Jackson)
  13. Gypsy (Byron/Box)
  14. Look At Yourself (Hensley)
  15. Too Scared To Run (Box/Daisley/Goalby/Kerslake/Sinclair)
  16. Easy Livin' (Hensley)

  17. July Morning (outro) (Byron/Hensley)

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