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Former members - 1971:
	Phil Mogg (Vocals), Pete Way (Bass), Mick Bolton (Guitars), Andy Parker (Drums)

UFO are an English rock band formed in 1969. UFO became a transitional group between early hard rock and heavy metal and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.   Both UFO 1 and its follow-up UFO 2 - Flying, were very successful in Japan (especially the single "C'mon Everybody" which became a huge hit there) and Germany (the song "Boogie For George," also from the first album, reached #30 in German singles charts as well as "Prince Kajuku" from Flying reached #26), but generated poor interest in Britain and America. Consequently, their third effort, Live (later re-issued as UFO Lands In Tokyo), was originally only released in Japan in 1972.

Phil Mogg (Vocals) - Phillip John 'Phil' Mogg (b. 15 April 1948, Wood Green, London)

Mick Bolton (Guitar) - (b. May 1950, Enland)

Pete Way (Bass) - (b. 7 August 1951, Enfield, London)

Andy Parker (Drums) - (b. 21 March 1952, Hertfordshire, England)


Part of UFO's early heavy metal work was strongly influenced by space rock (their second album, including a 26-minute long title track and a 19-minute long opus "Star Storm", was subtitled One Hour Space Rock) that was modestly popular at the time, but the band soon realised the style was somewhat limited.

In January, 1972 Mick Bolton left the group, and UFO set out to find a guitarist who could provide the band with a more standard rock sound.

formed the band in August 1969. Originally taking the name Hocus Pocus, the group changed their name in October 1969 to UFO in honour of the London club where they were spotted by Noel Moore, who signed them to his Beacon Records label.  

Current members:
      Phil Mogg - Vocals
      Vinnie Moore - Guitar
      Paul Raymond - Keyboards, Guitar
      Pete Way - Bass
      Andy Parker - Drums