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Running Blind

UK: Mystic Records MYS (June 2002)
SWE: Record Heaven RHCD62 (February 2002)
Released in 2002

Line up:

Ken Hensley - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Dave Kilminster - Guitar (3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 13 & 14)

Bass Guitar:
David Karns (2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11 & 12)
Andy Pyle (10, 13 & 14)
John Wetton (4 & 5)

Mike Johnson (2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11 & 12)
Dave Wagstaffe (10 & 13)
Steve Christey (4, 5 & 14)

Track listing:
  1. Overture: La Tristeza Secreta De Un Corazon Gitano Part (Instrumental) 2:29
  2. Prelude: A Minor Life (Instrumental) 2:54
  3. Out Of My Control 5:01
  4. You've Got It (The American Dream) 3:30
  5. The Final Solution 3:35
  6. It's Up To You 5:04
  7. Finney's Tale 3:01
  8. I Close My Eyes 4:53
  9. A Little Piece Of Me (Julia's Song) 3:09
  10. Free Spirit 3:41
  11. Movin' In 4:03
  12. Let Me Be Me 2:50
  13. I Don't Wanna Wait 5:17
  14. Tell Me 4:24

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Running Blind
Special Limited Version

UK: Mystic Records MYS
Released in August 2002

Track listing:
  1. Overture: La Tristeza Secreta 'De Un Corazon Gitano' Pt. 1 (Instr.) 2:29
  2. Prelude: A Minor Life (Instrumental) 2:54
  3. Out Of My Control 5:01
  4. You've Got It (The American Dream) 3:30
  5. The Final Solution 3:35
  6. I Close My Eyes 4:53
  7. Finney's Tale 3:01
  8. (Because Of) Who I Know 5:57
  9. A Little Piece Of Me (Julia's Song) 3:09
  10. Overture: La Tristeza Secreta 'De Un Corazon Gitano' Pt. 2 (Instr.) 0:54
  11. Jesus (Again & Again) 5:52
  12. I Won't Change 3:02
  13. Let Me Be Me 2:50
  14. Tell Me 4:24

Out Of My Control

The empty conversation
The coldness of your touch
The moments of frustration
That always hurt so much
The look in your eyes that seems to say
Nothingís ever enough
Well it seems like Iíve tried every way
To give you all my love

But itís out of my control
Itís all up to you
Yes, itís out of my control
What you gonna do
Everything I say, everything I do
Never seems to satisfy you
So Iíll say it again, Iím gonna let you go
Itís up to you
ĎCause itís out of my control

Iíve felt this strange resistance
To the things Iíve said and done
And Iíve tried to keep my distance
I knew there was something wrong
But without communication
Without a message from your heart
Thereís only empty expectation
And a love thatís torn apart

Youíve Got It
(The American Dream)

One by one, two by two
We all step out into the human zoo
Three by three and four by four
Weíve all got ours but we still want more
Six by six and five by five
Itís success we want, dead or alive
Seven by seven, eight by eight
Iím alright jack and I ainít gonna wait

Itís real fright, itís real white
Itís in your neighbourhood tonight
It ainít cheap, itís no escape
Itís here and now, the devilís rape

You want it, youíve got it
Itís all yours, the American dream

Itís in the air, itís in the street
Just one hit, your image complete
I know Ďcause Iíve already been there
An empty pocket and an empty head
No-one listens to a word youíve said
Just give it up and dish it out
Theyíll make you think that they really care

The Final Solution

So the game goes on and on
Still no way of telling right from wrong
Who will deal the killing blow
And who will be the first to go

Your life, my life
So full of love so short of sight
Awaiting execution
The final solution

See the players and the game
Win or lose itís still the same
Pain and death are up for sale
And no-one lives to tell the tale

I know you donít know me
So what are you trying to show me
Youíre dealing so much sorrow
Who said you could have my tomorrow

It's Up To You

Twisted images and broken promises
One long crisis day after day
Hidden secrets and empty words
Without any truth to light the way

Is that what love is ...

You wonít stop trying but you canít stop crying
You say youíre looking but you still canít see
You throw the cards and you read the stars
But only love can make it what you want it to be

You know what love is ...

Itís up to you
Only you can make it grow
Itís up to you
Hold on tight, donít let it go, oh no!

You think youíre somewhere but youíre going nowhere
Itís all an illusion, or thatís what you say
Thereís always a risk in an affair of the heart
If depends on the price youíre prepared to pay

I know what love is ...

Finney's Tale

Finney was a fighter
He had both feet on the ground
He was a regular guy just like you and me
But Finneyís change of fortune
Waited just around the corner
He was just about to meet his destiny

Well, they picked him off the streets
And put him straight into the light
Said weíre gonna name
The series after you
Weíre gonna show them
How a loser turned into a winner
Go on Finney, show Ďem what you can do

Well it all went as planned
He was an overnight success
And year after year
Was filled with promise
He had all that he required
But it wasnít all his heart desired
And he sometimes found it hard
Just being honest

Fame is fortuneís prison
Itís so easy getting in
But itís a different story
Trying to change direction
So Finney turned to drinking
And he started his downhill slide
Just another lost to add to lifeís collection

And of course they all put Finney down
Said heíd lost all his ambition
But to me he was a giant among men
For out of all his heartache
And his see-through reputation
Finney just wanted to be Finney again

La la la ...

I Close My Eyes

When I think about
The distance between us
And how hard it is
At times here on my own
Then I think about your smile
About our love a little while
I close my eyes and I'm not alone

Though my footsteps fall
My heart won't ever stumble
Through a thousand miles a day
My love won't tire
For with each passing day
I pray that our love is here to stay
I close my eyes and I'm not alone

Sometimes I whisper your name
Or dream awhile a lonely lovers' game
All I'm trying to say
Is that I love you in my way
And though the days seem long
I'll soon be coming home

As I leave my song
My heart belongs to you, my love
There really are no more words
That I can find
For my love, you are my life
You are the colour in my sight
And I close my eyes
And kiss you goodnight

A Little Piece Of Me
(Juliaís Song)

It makes me laugh to see you smile
And Iím so sad when you cry
And itís easy to see, this came to be
ĎCause youíre a little piece of me

Once upon a time, I really wondered
If you were gonna happen at all
But in the back of my mind
There you were all the time
And now youíre on my knee

Well, your momma and me
We wondered and we prayed
And your little heart grew stronger
As we waited for your day
You were a little late arriving
So we took some time deciding on your name
Julia ...

Free Spirit

When I was young
And my spirit was free to ride
No-one I knew had anything to hide
But all of this is changing with the days
I walked into a disillusioned maze

Those lazy, crazy, mellow, yellow days
Are lost in a so-called sophisticated haze
And I can still remember being care-free
And no one knows it better than me

ĎCause Iím a free spirit
And Iím looking for a place to run
A free spirit on the wind
And a free spirit needs to be complete
Iíve got to have the world at my feet

Now my time has come and
Iím dealing with here and now
And Iím gonna have to
Take care of it somehow
And I donít intend to wait
For the cover of night
The only way I know is
To stand up and fight

Iím a free spirit
And Iím looking for a place to run
A free spirit on the wind
And a free spirit needs to be complete
Iíve got to have the world at my feet

Moving In

Iíve been standing on the edge
For a little too long
Waiting for the door to be opened
Iíve been hanging on the brink, biding my time
Wondering if the spell would be broken
Iíve seen a million words
Of wisdom lost in the wind
Heard the voices of
The desperate and the dreamers
And I knew that any moment
Theyíd be calling my name
To see if I was ready for the game

So Iím moving, moving in the for kill
Got a date with a man
Who says heíll watch me fall
Gonna take this chance
Iím moving in for the kill
This time Iím gonna have it all

Iím moving in
And I wonít make no mistake
For the kill
Iím gonna see what I can take
Iím moving in
Now that my timeís come around
For the kill
Iím going up and Iím never coming down

Got the songs in my pocket, the ideas in my head
Iím looking for a little inspiration
It isnít just the money that gets me out of bed
Iíve got to have a little motivation
I ainít got no grand illusion
Iím better than the rest
But thereís a fire in my heart
That makes me wanna be the best
Iíve got my finger on the trigger
I know where I wanna be
And everything is ready as far as I can see

Moving in ... For the kill ...

Let Me Be Me

Well, I tried to do it your way
And I tried to do it right
But no matter what I do
It seems itís different every night
And I tried to do it their way
Tried to play by all their rules
But nine times out of ten
Iíd find Iím meddling with fools

Thereís a whole lotta people out there
Telling me whatís wrong
But when it comes right down to it
Iíll do what must be done

Let me be me, like black is black
And you are you
Let me be me, stop trying to
Change my point of view
Let me be free to live my life
The way I choose

Well, you donít even talk to me
All you do is dictate
You never learned to give
ĎCause itís much easier to take
You wake up in the morning
And you bow to the machine
But I wonít worship anything
Just because itís green

You can take your
Narrow-minded theories and run
ĎCause when it comes right down to it
Iíll do what must be done

Let me be me ...

I Don't Wanna Wait

I donít wanna wait until tomorrow
I donít wanna wait another day
I donít wanna live with all this sorrow
Iíll just have to find another way

Seeing as how youíve kept me
Hanging around for all this time
Playing with my mind and leaving
All our love behind

Well itís time for a decision
Should I stay or should I go
I need our love to grow
But thereís so much I need to know

ĎCause in my heart and in my head
Are thoughts of how it used to be
But a world of memories
Is only emptiness to me

And itís not a false illusion
I can see whatís going on
If the magicís really gone
Then this is not where I belong

And I ask myself the questions
That confusion seems to bring
While the answers stay so thin
Upon the ground where I begin

Tell Me

Tell me, tell me, tell me
Am I the one you love
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Is it me youíre thinking of

Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
Tell me, tell me, tell me true

Please donít keep me waiting
Donít keep me hanging on
Iím through with mild persuading
Iíve been standing still too long

Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me
All Iím trying to do is find the truth
All Iím asking you to do is help me
Just one time so I can make my move

(Because Of) Who I Know

I was living on a tighest rope around
I really didnít know where to go
Now Iím living in the brightest hope I found
And itís all because of who I know

Many days when I couldnít tell right from wrong
And I couldnít even find a song
There was a sadness in my heart
But I knew just where to stop and where to go
Because of who I know

I can dance at the speed of light
Because of who I know
And I can sing to the beat of my heart
Because of who I know
And I will love you every day of my life
Because of who I know, who I know

There was a time when I really had lost my way
When I didnít know the time or place
Looked around without an answer anywhere
And I never thought to try a prayer

Came a day when I found out who to trust
And heís waiting there for all of us
Put my faith in the blood of Jesus Christ
And in his sacrifice, he paid the price
And heís who I know

Jesus (Again & Again)

Jesus - Iím not fit to say your name 
Jesus - All I do is cause you pain 
Jesus Ė On the cross you bore my blame 
Jesus - And all I can do is turn to you 
Again and again and again 
And again and again 

Your hand in my life 
My life in your hands 
My every breath within your plan 
I give you control 
Of my heart and my soul 
And all that I am is at your command 

No more secrets, no more lies 
No turning back and no compromise 
No more empty promises 
No more of my plans 
Iíve laid it all on my fatherís hands 
Jesus Ö 

You gave me my life 
Brought me into your light 
The joy that was bought at such a price 
In my every breath I know you are there 
My freedom is in the blood of Christ

I Won't Change

Don't keep me running around
I'm trying to keep my feet on the ground
Stop filling my heart with empty dreams
'Cause deep down I'm a regular guy
I laugh a lot but I know how to cry
I don't wanna be anyone else but me

And I won't change
I just try to stay the same
And if you feel a difference
It's in what you choose to see
Some of those changes
Were a little too hard for me
So I pray my love will see me through

Next step isn't easy to find
'Cause with all this love on my mind
All that I can think about is you
If all you're asking is a little more time
If all you need is to make up your mind
I can only remind you that I love you

All I ever think about is you