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A Glimpse Of Glory
Released in September 1999

Recorded: The Upper Room Studios
Produced: Ken Hensley
Recording Engineers: Jason McIntyre, 
Hunter Joseph Sprenger, Bud Martin
Mixing Engineer: Jason McIntyre
Mastering Engineer: Jack Petracek
Cover Concept & Design: Javier Mendoza
Photo: Mark Gilliland / Bill Parsons
Line up:
Ken Hensley - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
David Karns - Bass Guitar
Mike Johnson - Drums
It's Up To You
Moving In
The Return
Line up:
Ken Hensley - Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Hunter Joseph Sprenger - Bass Guitar
Preston Vaden - Drums
One Tender Moment
Guard Your Heart
Shakey Ground
Think Twice
Get A Line
Believe In Me
Win Or Lose
The Cost Of Loving
The Joy Of Knowing Jesus
Additional Musicians:
Background Vocals - Betsy Bircher & Julie Moreno (3 & 6), 
'Something Special' of St. Louis (5, 7, 8 & 12), 
Acoustic Guitars - Jerry Hamm (4), 
Lead Vocals - Pat Liston (4), 
Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar - Danny Liston (5 & 9), 
Slide Guitar - Rich McDonough (5), 
Guitar - Steve Nelson (5 & 9), J. Hayes (12)

Track listing:
  1. It's Up To You (Hensley) (6:21)
  2. Moving In (Hensley) (4:05
  3. One Tender Moment (Hensley) (4:44)
  4. Guard Your Heart (Danny Liston) (4:42)
  5. Shakey Ground (Danny Liston) (4:39
  6. Think Twice (Hensley) (5:15)
  7. Get A Line (Hensley) (4:37)
  8. Believe In Me (Hensley) (4:10)
  9. Win Or Lose (Danny Liston) (4:05)
  10. The Cost Of Loving (Hensley) (4:24)
  11. The Return (Hensley) (5:05)
  12. The Joy Of Knowing Jesus (Hensley) (6:18)

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Ken Hensley & Visible Faith
A Glimpse Of Glory
Revised Version

UK: Mystic Records MYS
Released in August 2002

Track listing:
  1. La Tristeza Secreta de un Corazon Gitano, Pt.2 (Hensley) (0:55) (Instr.)
  2. Jesus (Again & Again) (Hensley) (5:51)
  3. The Joy of Knowing Jesus (Hensley) (4:31)
  4. (Because Of) Who I Know (Hensley) (6:27)
  5. Guard Your Heart (Liston) (4:43)
  6. Shakey Ground (Liston) (4:39)
  7. Think Twice (Is It the Music or the Man?) (Hensley) (5:15)
  8. Get a Line (Hensley) (4:37)
  9. Carry Me (Hensley) (0:43)
  10. Believe in Me (Hensley) (3:28)
  11. Win or Lose (Liston) (4:06)
  12. (For) One Tender Moment (Hensley) (4:42)
  13. The Cost of Loving (Hensley) (4:23)
  14. The Return (Hensley) (5:07)
  15. Instruments of Peace (Hensley) (1:13) (Instr.)

Itís up to you

Twisted images and broken promises
One long crisis day after day
Hidden secrets and empty words
Without any truth to light the way

Is that what love is ...

You wonít stop trying but you canít stop crying
You say youíre looking but you still canít see
You throw the cards and you read the stars
But only love can make it what you want it to be

You know what love is ...

Itís up to you
Only you can make it grow
Itís up to you
Hold on tight, donít let it go, oh no!

You think youíre somewhere but youíre going nowhere
Itís all an illusion, or thatís what you say
Thereís always a risk in an affair of the heart
If depends on the price youíre prepared to pay

I know what love is ...

Movin In

Iíve been standing on the edge
For a little too long
Waiting for the door to be opened
Iíve been hanging on the brink, biding my time
Wondering if the spell would be broken
Iíve seen a million words
Of wisdom lost in the wind
Heard the voices of
The desperate and the dreamers
And I knew that any moment
Theyíd be calling my name
To see if I was ready for the game

So Iím moving, moving in the for kill
Got a date with a man
Who says heíll watch me fall
Gonna take this chance
Iím moving in for the kill
This time Iím gonna have it all

Iím moving in
And I wonít make no mistake
For the kill
Iím gonna see what I can take
Iím moving in
Now that my timeís come around
For the kill
Iím going up and Iím never coming down

Got the songs in my pocket, the ideas in my head
Iím looking for a little inspiration
It isnít just the money that gets me out of bed
Iíve got to have a little motivation
I ainít got no grand illusion
Iím better than the rest
But thereís a fire in my heart
That makes me wanna be the best
Iíve got my finger on the trigger
I know where I wanna be
And everything is ready as far as I can see

Moving in ... For the kill ...

One Tender Moment

Well you can do what you wanna do
And you can say what you wanna say
And you can be what you wanna be
On any given day

You can see what you choose to see
And you can be who you wanna be
But Iím gonna be the first in line
When you give your heart away

Suddenly, thatís how you came to me
Out of the blue into my hurting heart

For one tender moment you came into my life
And showed me how good it feels
To be alive when love is in my heart

For one tender moment I knew that you loved me
But now Iím alone with just the emptiness
I feel when weíre apart
For one tender moment

I never spent any time alone
Though I had felt like I was on my own
I never wanted to let go, I had too much to loose
I never felt like my life was mine
I was so tired out of killing time
I felt so lost, so totally lost
So completely confused

Guard Your Heart
Visible Faith

I can look in your eyes
And tell that thereís pain deep inside
Itís something that you canít disguise from me
You see, Iíve had my share
Of pain and sorrow to bear
We always believed weíre the only one

But thereís a voice deep inside
That says donít give up, keep on tryiní
You gotta...

Guard your heart
It is a treasure so treat it that way
Youíve gotta guard your heart
No need to hurry before you give it away

I know the way that you feel
Youíre thinking that this love is real
And without her life just canít go on
I know this feeling is strong
But youíll find that life still goes on
True love is a treasure Worth waiting for

So donít give up faith
You must remember to always pray
And it will ...

Shakey Ground
Visible Faith

Another victim lying in the street
Just another statistic on the news
Tonight another mother cries herself to sleep
How many more must she lose?

You know he was her first born baby boy
Yes, he was her pride and joy
But now all thatís left is a memory
Of the pain and sorrow

Whereís the value of the human life?
Lord, no one knows now what is wrong or right

And now youíre standing
Standing on shakey ground
Thatís why weíre standing
Standing on shakey ground

Politicians say theyíve got a plan
They know exactly what we need
But no amount of money can buy love
We need a reason to believe

How many children must die on the street?
Lord, before they, start to understand?
What we need is some help from above
We must seek a higher plan

Heavenly father, I know you hear our cry
And I know you are listening
And it comes as no surprise

Now weíre standing
Standing on shakey ground ...
And it will ...

Think Twice

He could have had most anything
He could have had it all
Put his hands on life and love
Letíem go and watchedíem fall
But the spotlight never shone upon his heart
You got to know him on the stage
Where you watched him play his part

Soon, like him the world was at your feet
Seemed it never had to end
You claim you gave him everything
But you forgot to be his friend
When you get so trapped inside it all
I wonder if you can find a way
To separate the music and the man

When the trouble comes
And you have to know it will
Heíll be looking for
Much more than consolation
When the tide turns
And thereís no place left to run
Something or someone
Is gonna have to take the blame

Youíd better think twice
Thereís gonna have to be a sacrifice
What will be the first to go
Not the music, that I know
Youíd better think twice
Or youíll have to pay a high price
Time to open up your eyes
Are you in love or are you hypnotized
Is it the music or the man?

Get A Line

Get a line, on the Lord
On his way and on his word
Get a line, Ďcause when you do
You know his love and peace will fall upon you

Take a little time every morning
Such a perfect way to start your day
Hold him in your prayers and say you love him
Then take him with you on your way

Some days are hard, some days are easy
Sometimes weíre bad, sometimes weíre good
But by calling on the name of Jesus
A Christian heart can rest assured

Thereíll be times of doubt, times of trouble
ĎCause the sin of man disturbs the peace
But, once you taste the Lordís forgiveness
Youíll know his love fills all your needs

Get a Line, on the Lord
On his way and on his word
Get a line, hold on tight
And may the peace of God be your delight
And may the love of God be yours tonight

Carry Me
(Intro of Believe In Me)

Carry me on your wings, Lord
Carry me on your wings of love
Carry me on your wings, Lord
Carry me from here to there

Carry me on your wings, Lord
Carry me on your wings of peace
Carry me on your wings, Lord
Carry me from here to there

Carry me on your wings, Lord
Carry me on your wings of freedom
Carry me on your wings, Lord
Carry me from here to there

Believe In Me

I opened up my heart today
And Jesus was inside
I thanked him for his presence there
And this was His reply

I am here, each and everyday
As you sleep and as you pray
Iíll protect you and Iíll love you
Just believe in me

I opened up my life today
And saw the highs and lows
And I prayed, my God forgive me
For the wrong roads that I chose

He said that's all behind you now
Through your faith in my own son
So believe in all that you will do
Donít repeat what you have done

For Iím with you each and every day
As you work and as you play
Iíll protect you and Iíll love you
Just believe in me

I opened up my eyes today
And Christ was all around
And I prayed, Oh Lord give me your song
And his voice came in a sound

I will give you words and melody
If you will give your life to me
And I heard this sweet reminder
Of his promise to me

Iíll protect you and I love you
Just believe in me

Win Or Lose
Visible Faith

You heard some people say
Love will find a way
But then they stab your back
The very next day
Whatís this all about?
You begin to have your doubts
But when they do you wrong
Thatís when you become strong

Everybodyís got a part to play, I know
Everybodyís got something to say for sure
But when it comes to what part you play
You choose do you win or lose?

You say youíve given up
You wonít drink from that cup
Statistics say youíre right
Youíve chosen not to fight
Youíre on a ship of fools
Youíre sailing out tonight
But deep in your heart
You know that Iím right

Sometimes I donít think we appreciate
What weíve got until it is much too late

The Cost Of Loving

In the heat of the night when my heart is burniní
And Iím thinking out loud without too much to say
Gotta soul full of need, passion and yearniní
But thereís always a high price to pay

Why, when I need a little understanding
Do I feel like Iím asking too much
To make you reach for your heart
I gotta reach in my pocket
When all that I need is your touch

Itís the high ...
The high cost of loviní you
Itís the high ...
The high cost of loviní you
High cost of loviní you

I want a permanent place in somebodyís life
Not a high priced affair, thatís all yours
Iím a man above all, I need someone to turn to
Got feelings that wonít be ignored

Now thereís no turning back, no running away
Donít they say that once bitten, twice shy
And thereís no point in talking
Youíve got nothing to say
Youíve got nothing that I want to buy

Itís the high ...
The high cost of loviní you
The price is too high ...
The high cost of loviní you ...

The high cost of loviní you ...

The Return

How low will you go to be part of the show
Are you willing to leave God behind
Do you think you can ride on your ego and pride
With your faith out of sight and out of mind

I want you to know, I donít want you to wait
I want you to know before itís too late

Do you know who to trust as you life turns to dust
Will it be the beginning or the end?
With eternity to loose, be careful as you choose
Whether God is your enemy or your friend

Heís going to return, the tide is gonna turn
You can choose to live and learn
Or you can crash and burn
But heís going to return

Will you be ready when he comes
To feel the thunder of his drums
Will you be ready for the call
You can stand or you can fall
Heís gonna take it all

Sure, you can hold all your silver and gold
If you think it will do you any good
But on your judgement day
There is no price you can pay
For it was paid, not in gold but in blood

The Joy Of Knowing Jesus

There is nothing like the joy of knowing Jesus
Believe in him, thereís nothing he canít do
No, thereís nothing like the joy of knowing Jesus
So walk with him and let him walk with you

Once upon a time I thought I had it all
Everything a manís heart could desire
I didnít see the truth 'til I began to fall
And I prayed, Lord save me from the fire
Now I know that thereís no other way
Gotta turn from sin and give my heart to him
Oh, joy Iím saved by his sacrifice
And by the grace of God I can only win

Donít be concerned, youíll have to change your life
Believe in him, heíll do it for you
And donít wait for troubled times to call on him
Through thick and thin he wonít ignore you

I only wonder why I waited so long
Precious time has come and gone
But Iím here now Ďcause he was watching me
Heís holding me and I canít go wrong

Jesus (Again & Again)

Jesus - Iím not fit to say your name 
Jesus - All I do is cause you pain 
Jesus Ė On the cross you bore my blame 
Jesus - And all I can do is turn to you 
Again and again and again 
And again and again 

Your hand in my life 
My life in your hands 
My every breath within your plan 
I give you control 
Of my heart and my soul 
And all that I am is at your command 

No more secrets, no more lies 
No turning back and no compromise 
No more empty promises 
No more of my plans 
Iíve laid it all on my fatherís hands 
Jesus Ö 

You gave me my life 
Brought me into your light 
The joy that was bought at such a price 
In my every breath I know you are there 
My freedom is in the blood of Christ

(Because Of) Who I Know

I was living on a tighest rope around 
I really didnít know where to go 
Now Iím living in 
The brightest hope I found 
And itís all because of who I know 
Many days when I couldnít tell 
Right from wrong 
And I couldnít even find a song 
There was a sadness in my heart 
But I knew just where to stop 
And where to go 
Because of who I know 
I can dance at the speed of light 
Because of who I know 
And I can sing to the beat of my heart 
Because of who I know 
And I will love you every day of my life 
Because of who I know 
Who I know 

There was a time when
I really had lost my way
When I didnít know the time or place
Looked around without
An answer anywhere
And I never thought to try a prayer

Came a day when I found out
Who to trust
And heís waiting there for all of us
Put my faith in the blood of Jesus Christ
And in his sacrifice, he paid the price
And heís who I know