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Eager To Please

Released: 1975 Bronze Records Ltd.
Produced by Peter Gallen
Engineers: Ashly Howe & John Fischbach
Orchestral Arrangements by Michel Gibbs
Equipment Tony Patrick
Sleeve Design Produced by Cream
Drawings by Alfred Heyworth
Grateful Thanks to Gerry Bron, Lansdowne Recording Studios
and Nova Sound Patti, Dana, Linda and Suzy

Line up:
Ken Hensley - Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals
Mark Clarke - Bass, Vocals
Bugs Pemberton - Drums, Percussion

Pedal steel guitar on 'Secret' - B.J. Cole
Saxophone on 'In The Morning' - Ray Warleigh

Side 1:
  1. Eager To Please (Hensley) 4:45
  2. Stargazer (Clarke/Bottomley) 3:50
  3. Secret (Hensley) 4:03
  4. Through The Eyes Of A Child (Hensley) 2:21
  5. Part Three (Hensley) 3:49
  6. The House On The Hill (Hensley) 3:19
Side 2:
  1. Winter Or Summer (Hensley) 3:00
  2. Take And Take (Hensley) 3:42
  3. Longer Shadows (Hensley) 3:29
  4. In The Morning (Hensley) 2:35
  5. How Shall I Know (Hensley) 4:04
Additional song:
  1. Who Will Sing For You (Hensley) 2:50 B-side of 'In The Morning’ single.

Eager to Please

You put a load on me
Though you probably
Didn't mean to
I'm on the road, you see
Leading to my mind
To my work, to you

It's all dividing me
It's a hard, hard game I play
And eventually it could
Take my reason to live away

Reaching out in
Eagerness to please
Seeking out
The happiness of ease
At the same time
Holding out a hand
Though the other one keeps
On making all these plans


Walking down a dusty road
I was lookin' for a reason
An awful long way from my home
Just lookin' for some peace of mind

Walking down a dusty road
That's where I saw him
Coming near me
Something special about him, then
He smiled and seemed so friendly

He's a stargazer
He's lighted up my world
He's a dreammaker
He touches my soul
He's a stargazer
He knows what life can be
This dream maker
He shows it all to me


What is this place I find myself in?
Where we're all supposed
To think the same way
All I see is patience growing thin
While the people need someone
With something to say

In the garden of peace
All around me is dying
And the place where
My love grew is empty
At this moment in time
How can truth be a crime
I'll tell you if only you'll let me

I'll let you into a secret of mine
Like a delicate wine treat it gently
By setting free
All the love in your heart
Life will become what it was
Meant to be originally

With this memorized
Take your place by my side
And we'll ponder
The joys of tomorrow
Only in love can we
Live with our pride
For in love lies
No reason for sorrow

Through The Eyes Of A Child

I once read a story
About a world full of love
Of freedom and glory
As seen through the eyes of a child

We learned to believe
That the earth was all
Ocean and ground
Though we were soon to see
That there wasn't
Enough to go ‘round

I saw words and wars
Though my books had told me
My life would be one long song
Man make laws
Although laws make man
So uncertain
So uncertain what's right
And what's wrong

Confused without reason
Stumbling helplessly day by day
It was all so deceiving
For that child was me
And I can't find the book anymore

For that child was me
And I can’t find the book anymore

Part Three

Once upon a time
Reason lived with rhyme
And today I see you're in love with me

I just sit and count
My time is running out
All I want is you
You and your heart too

But don't be too late to take my heart
My love won't wait to make a start

I see us riding on a wave of joy
I see us running round the moon
One day we're sure to
Find our rainbow's end to begin again

Oh, how I love you ...

The House On The Hill

How well I remember the days
In the house on the hill
With the cat, the raccoon and
A fat lazy daydream to kill

And the moon to sing me to sleep
And the birds to open my eyes
And the first thing I'd see
Would be you
And you made me happy

I know I could love you
If I knew that you wanted me to
And the house on the hill
And all of the things we could do

How good it all is just to live
And to need nothing more
The way I feel now I don't know
But I don't need to be sure

'Cause the sun that brought us together
Will follow my dreaming forever
And the first thing I'll see will be you
And you make me happy

Winter Or Summer

See how the sun shines
Beyond the grey sky
Then watch the snow fall
And ask yourself why

Lovers keep loving
Through wind and through rain
Winter or summer
Real love is the same

Watch from the wayside
And you could be left out
Fearful of the day
When it's too late to show

Love is like time
It will wait for no one
Give it and seek it or
You'll find you're all alone

You could save the day
You can show the way
To all the lonely hearts
You see before you
But before you choose
To ignore my song
Am I right or wrong ?
Or am I dreaming ?
Dreaming, dreaming ...

See how the sun shines ...

Take And Take

I gave my friend a helping hand
But I find it hard to understand
Why this and more
Never seems to be enough
For as long as I live
I'm prepared to give
Just as much of myself
Or of what I have
For I know what it's like
When the going's really rough

But I can see there are decisions
I will have to make
In a world that seems to live on
Take and take and take

And what will happen
Should the river of my soul run dry ?
Will I be needed then?
Will someone sing me a lullaby ?

My friend gave me a helping hand
And I wondered then
If I could be a man
Strong enough to
Forgive with a smile
Now as I've travelled far-off lands
I see it clearer

And it makes me glad
I guess I'm happy 'cause
I'll go on giving for a while
And I hope it's for all my life

Longer Shadows

Winter came today
And took the sun away
Leaving me with nothing but
The stars to play
But I'm sure that I won't
Let it bring me down
The rough comes with the smooth
But that's what life's about

Working on the principle
That you'll be here
I can stand alone for quite a while
I know I can learn to live
The changes of the year
Mellow in the river of your smile

I know that the season's Queen
Can hear me
She's bringing longer shadows
To the trees
Perhaps she knows
I'd love to have you near me
So she tries her
Very best to please
Her best to please

I suppose I'll always have
These memories
Till we are together once again
Of the days which were
So long and lonely
Till the longer shadows
And all the golden meadows
Tell me that the time has come
For us to live again

In The Morning

I'm just wandering
Through this day
Thinking of you
Father time rolls away
Night comes nearer
It's getting to me now
In the morning I'll be better
In the morning I'll be better

I've been waiting
So long for this day
Darkest nights all alone far away
All that's past
I don't mind this last time
In the morning I'll be better
In the morning I'll be better

When I get home
And I see you again
In the morning we'll be better

One last mile this old car
Must go faster
I'm on my knees
Yet I'm higher today
Now I see you
I know I'm nearly better
'Cause in the morning I'll be better
In the morning I'll be better ...

How Shall I Know

Momma told me one day
I'd hear the bells
Ringing in my head
But the ones I think I'm hearing
I've imagined in my bed
She said love will
Watch and guide you
Walk beside you in the dark
But I'm scared at night
With no love in sight
Though I'm really trying hard

Love, love, love, love
Where are you now
That I need you
Show your face
Don't ever go away
It's so hard to
Find my friends today
For so few of them have faces
But without you in my heart
My world's a really empty place

When I finally meet you
Will I find the words to greet you
If it comes to that
Will you even know my name
Will you wear a coat
Or an angel's wings
So I'll know it's you that's coming
I just can't stay
With my life this way
You'll have to think of something
Or else how shall I know
How shall I know ...

Who Will Sing For You
B-side of In The Morning’ single.

Who will sing for you
When you need a song
Who will stay with you
When it all goes wrong
Who will be there when you
Feel the weight of a tear
And say a prayer that is real
Just to lighten your fears
When I'm gone

I have lived with you
Through the good and bad
And I've given you
Everything I had
But I need to be needed
Not just used
So many times I have pleaded
But I have been abused
So now I'm gone

How long should a man
Be expected to live
Without a heart and nothing to give