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Proud Words On A Dusty Shelf

Released: 1973
Bronze Records UK
Mercury Records US
Published by Sydney Born Music Co. Ltd.
Recorded November 1971/November 1972 Lansdowne Studios, London
Engineer Peter Gallen
Produced by Gerry Bron
Photographs Fin Costello
Sleeve Design Fabio Nicoli& Associates
All song written and arranged by Ken Hensley

Line up:
Dave Paul - Bass
Gary Thain - Bass
Lee Kerslake - Drums
All other instruments and vocals Ken Hensley

Side 1:
  1. When Evening Comes
  2. From Time to Time
  3. King Without a Throne
  4. Rain
  5. Proud Words
Side 2:
  1. Fortune
  2. Black Hearted Lady
  3. Go Down
  4. Cold Autumn Sunday
  5. The Last Time

When Evening Comes

At the break of day
When my dreams
Have come and gone
The memories will fade away
But I wonder for how long
Not too long

For I know an evening comes
And I hear the night-birds' tune
I remember where it all begun
As we danced beside the moon

It's always on my mind
But where did it come from
Our love was the strongest kind
So where can it have gone?

Won't someone show me the way
To turn my night into day
Or throw a rope around the moon
No, don't let it see me alone

From Time To Time

Once I loved a pretty woman
'Till one day she up and ran
Supposed I should have
Felt it coming
But it's hard to think of her
With another man

Oh my lady, I need you
Though from time to time
I don't seem to

Once the sun shone in my garden
'Till my love took off
And left me with the rain
Now my heart and I are starting
To forget it all and start out again

My heart is hurting so bad
And all the trees look so sad
And all the love
We could have had

Oh, from time to time ...

King Without A Throne

Walk on the dusty road
Without any shoes
See all the people out there
Singing the blues
I've got my trouble but
I'm paying my dues
It isn't easy but
There's too much to lose

Many's the time
I have wandered alone
Looking this way and that
For something unknown

But where can a good king go
Without his throne?

Many's the good man
Lost in his prime
The path of fortune
Took him well before his time
He ain't got his trouble
But I've still got mine
Got to find some freedom
Before I start to decline

The moon is rising and
I'm still on my own
This must be life I guess
The seeds have been sown

Where can he go, who can he see
Is there anybody, it's easy to be
Find him a stairway, find him a tree
And while you're doing it
Please won't you find one for me

The unbeliever says
It's hard to believe
I'm told the preacher
Frowns on those who deceive
The winds of winter
Steal leaves from the trees
The path of fortune
Is getting closer to me

The snow is falling
And the thruth is obscured
I think of all the things
My soul has endured
Cursing this loneliness
That can't be cured


It's raining outside
But that's not unusual
But the way that I'm feeling
Is becoming usual
I guess you could say
The clouds are moving away
Away from your days
And into mine

Now it's raining inside
And that's a shame
And it's getting to me
A happy man
Why should you want
To waste all my time
The world is yours
But I'm mine

Rain, rain, rain, in my tears
Measuring carefully my years
Shame, shame, shame
In my mind
See what you've done to my life

Rain, rain, rain, in my tears
Measuring carefully my years
Shame, shame, shame
In my mind
See what you've done to my life
See what you've done to my life

Proud Words on a Dusty Shelf

Stand up and fight
Or you'll lose your right
Do you wanna stand in a line
Fightin' hard to hold on to your mind

Seek and you'll find
Proud words on a dusty shelf
Find and you'll seek
Keep on keepin' on helpin' yourself

When the wind of trouble comes
Put away all battledrums
And stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
Don't stand in a line
Hold on to your mind

Stand up and fight
Stand up and fight
Don't stand in a line
Hold on to your mind


Although now it seems like never
When we were even less together
I appeared to have my back to the wall

And the way things were going
There was no way of knowing
If I was having any luck at all

Silently, suddenly
Standing before me
An old man awaited his death
Part of me cried out
But none turned to hide
For no curses distorted his breath

It was then I took to thinking
And my hands took to writing
And my dreams came
In answer to the call

Waiting in wonder
My toughts ran like thunder
Could it be that
I've been wasting my mind
I grew sort of cold
As the vision unfolded
Bursting the shackles of time

So I gathered what I had
I took a look at
What was going down
And it made me kinda sad
Seeing all the circles
Going slowly round

And the stars sang in harmony
It was so perfect that
It laid me down
And the rainclouds
Were tossed away
Seemed like the world was lost
And I would drown in its sound

Somewhere along the way
I don't know where
I had really believed I was poor
Looking, not seeing
The point of my being
When all of my fortune is sure

Black Hearted Lady

Reading between the lines I find
You don't mean what you say
You cheated and you lied
And how you made me hurt inside
You turned my days 
Into darkest nights
And rearranged my dreams
You're just not what you seem
Black-hearted lady

I am from the land
So you won't understand my grief
I've lived in vain belief
In world of poisoned words
And everywhere I look
I find no answer to my prayer
You're just not there
Black-hearted lady

Go Down

She sits so quietly
At the window by the door
Wondering if she'll
Ever smile again
Her eyes filled with memories
And her life in sad array
Unaware of the colours of the day
She dare not cry for fear
Her hope might disappear
But if she cared to try
I know it all could be so clear

But she's living in the past
She didn't know it wouldn't last
And it's a long, long, lonely road
Oh, to go down

The treasured names
You call each other just for fun
And as you woke
She kissed your eyes
You killed it all when it had
Only just begun
What's it take to make you realise

Love isn't easy though
Many like to think it is
But you must learn
To give and take or know
What you will miss

But she's living in the past
She didn't know it wouldn't last
And it's a long, long, lonely road
Oh, to go down

Cold Autun Sunday

When the leaving birds
Fill the stone grey sky
And the green, green leaves
Turn away and die
And the once warm sun
Has to run and hide
And the Winter clouds
Begin their stormy ride
Cold black shadows cross my eyes
And help to make me realize
You've gone, oh
Cold Autumn Sunday

Still I walk alone
The paths we shared
And I try to recreate the love we had
For you were my life
And my heart is sad
And it's strange how autumn
Used to make me glad
Only now an empty sky is there
To let me know how much I care
You've gone, oh
Cold Autumn Sunday

I'm near to dying
No use denying that it's true
Spend my whole time crying
Finding ways of trying
Not to be blue, oh, over you

The Last Time

I have travelled across the universe
On wings of golden light
And the lady of the mountain
Brought me comfort in the night
But the love I really need
Is further from my sight
It is yours

Oh, tell my lover I'm coming home
For the last time

I have seen the children playing
As I watched the sun go down
I have shared their games
And sung their songs
And helped their world go round
And although I know enough of life
To tie up my own shoes
I still need you

Oh tell my lover I've been away
For the last time
For the last time