KANSAS - Another American Band ...
Studio Albums:

  1. 1974 Mar - Kansas (Kirshner Records)
  2. 1975 Feb - Song for America (Kirshner Records)
  3. 1975 Sep - Masque (Kirshner Records)
  4. 1976 Oct - Leftoverture (Kirshner Records)
  5. 1977 Oct - Point of Know Return (Kirshner Records)
  6. 1979 May - Monolith (Kirshner Records)
  7. 1980 Sep - Audio-Visions (Kirshner Records)
  8. 1982 Jun - Vinyl Confessions (Epic/Legacy Recordings)
  9. 1983 Jul - Drastic Measures (Epic/Legacy Recordings)
  10. 1986 Nov - Power (MCA Records)
  11. 1988 Oct - In the Spirit of Things (MCA Records)
  12. 1995 Jul - Freaks of Nature (Intersound Records)
  13. 1998 May - Always Never the Same (River North Records)
  14. 2000 Jul - Somewhere to Elsewhere (Magna Carta Records)
Kansas is an American rock band that became popular in the
1970s with hit singles such as "Carry On Wayward Son" and
"Dust in the Wind".
They have remained a classic rock radio staple and a popular touring
act in North America and Europe.
Live Albums:

  1. 1978 Oct - Two for the Show (Epic/Legacy Recordings)
  2. 1992 - Live at the Whisky (Intersound Records)
  3. 1998 Oct - King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents Kansas (King Biscuit Flower)
  4. 2001 - Dust in the Wind (Disky Communications Europe)
  5. 2002 Oct - Device - Voice - Drum (JVC Victor)
  6. 2009 Oct - There's Know Place Like Home (InsideOut Music)
Compilation Albums:

  1. 1984 Aug - The Best Of Kansas (CBS Records)
  2. 1992 - Carry On (Sony BMG)
  3. 1994 Jul - The Kansas Boxed Set (Sony BMG)
  4. 2002 Jul - The Ultimate Kansas (Epic/Legacy Recordings)
  5. 2004 Aug - Sail On: The 30th Anniversary Collection (Sony BMG)
  6. 2005 - On the Other Side (Sony BMG)
  7. 2006 May - Works in Progress (Comependia Records)

Kansas - 1974

Kansas is the self-titled debut album by American progressive rock band Kansas, released in 1974. Kansas's debut album is the result of a merger between two Topeka musical camps: Kerry Livgren, from a previous Kansas line-up and White Clover, which played mainstream rock and blues. The newly formed group signed with Kirshner Records in 1973 and traveled to New York to record their first release. The material on Kansas, written mostly by guitarist/keyboardist Livgren and vocalist/keyboardist Steve Walsh, had been culled from the repertoire of both groups. Livgren's songs were generally longer and more elaborate than Walsh's and featured mystical lyrics which reflected his intense interest in Eastern religions.

Kansas - 1974
Released: March 1974
Recorded 1973 at Record Plant Studios "A" and "C", New York
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer: Wally Gold

Line up:

Kerry Livgren - Lead & Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals/Keyboards
Steve Walsh - Lead Vocals/Organ/Piano/Congas
Rich Williams - Lead Guitar
Dave Hope - Bass/Backing Vocals
Robbie Steinhardt - Violin/Lead Vocals
Phil Ehart - Drums
Track listing:
  1. Can I Tell You - 3:31
  2. Bringing It Back - 3:33
  3. Lonely Wind - 4:15
  4. Belexes - 4:22
  5. Journey From Mariabronn - 7:55
  6. The Pilgrimage - 3:42
  7. Aperηu - 9:43
  8. Death Of Mother Nature Suite - 7:43
  9. Bringing It Back - 9:41 (Live bonus track on Remastered CD 2004)

Song For America - 1975

Walsh’s songs reflected life on the street ("Lonely Street"), drug dealing ("Down the Road") and temptation by Satan ("The Devil Game"). Livgren’s world included a haunting ghost story ("Lamplight Symphony"), a hymn to the Atman ("Incomudro").

Kansas - 1974
Song For America
Released: February 1975
Recorded 1974 at Wally Heider Sudios, Los Angeles 
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer: Jeff Glixman, Wally Gold 

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass/Backing Vocals 
Kerry Livgren - Guitars/Keyboards/Backing Vocals 
Robbie Steinhardt - Lead Vocals/Violin 
Steve Walsh - Lead Vocals/Keyboards 
Rich Williams - Lead Guitar
Track listing:
  1. Down The Road (3:43) (Livgren /Walsh)
  2. Song For America (9:59) (Livgren)
  3. Lamplight Symphony (Livgren) (8:11)
  4. Lonely Street (5:43) (Ehart /Dave Hope /Williams /Walsh)
  5. The Devil Game (Hope /Walsh) (5:03)
  6. Incomudro - Hymn To The Atman (12:12) (Livgren)

Masque - 1975

Masque is the third album by US rock band Kansas, released in 1975

Kansas - 1974
Released: September 1975
Recorded: Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, LA
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer Jeff Glixman

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals 
Robbie Steinhardt - Vocals/Violin 
Steve Walsh - Lead Vocals/Keyboards 
Rich Williams - Lead Guitar
Earl Lon Price - Saxophone
Track listing:
  1. It Takes a Woman's Love (To Make a Man) - 3:08 (Steve Walsh)
  2. Two Cents Worth (Kerry Livgren, Walsh) - 3:08
  3. Icarus - Borne on Wings of Steel (Livgren) - 6:03
  4. All the World (Robby Steinhardt, Walsh) - 7:11
  5. Child of Innocence (Livgren) - 4:36
  6. It's You (Walsh) - 2:31
  7. Mysteries and Mayhem (Livgren, Walsh) - 4:18
  8. The Pinnacle (Livgren) - 9:44

Leftoverture - 1976

Leftoverture is the fourth album by American rock band Kansas, released in 1976.

Leftoverture - 1976
Released: October 1976
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer: Jeff Glixman, Kansas 
Arranger: Kansas 
Engineer: Bill Evans 

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums, Percussions 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitars, Keyboards 
Robby Steinhardt - Violin, Viola, Vocals
(Lead Vocals On "Miracles Out Of Nowhere" And "Cheyenne Anthem") 
Steve Walsh - Keyboards, Lead Vocals 
Rich Williams - Guitars 

Additional Personnel:

Toye Larocca – Vocals 
Cheryl Norman – Vocals

Track listing:
  1. Carry On Wayward Son (Kerry Livgren) - 5:23
  2. The Wall (Kerry Livgren /Steve Walsh) - 4:51
  3. What's On My Mind (Kerry Livgren) - 3:28
  4. Miracles Out Of Nowhere (Kerry Livgren) - 6:28
  5. Opus Insert (Livgren /Walsh) - 4:30
  6. Questions Of My Childhood (Livgren /Walsh) - 3:40
  7. Cheyenne Anthem (Kerry Livgren) - 3:40
  8. Magnum Opus - 8:25
  9. (Father Padilla Meets The Perfect Gnat /Howling At The Moon /Man Overboard /
  10. Industry On Parade /Release The Beavers /Gnat Attack)
  11. (Livgren /Walsh /Phil Ehart Rich Williams /Dave Hope /Robby Steinhardt)
  12. 2001 Cd Reissue Bonus Tracks:
  13. Carry On Wayward Son (Live) (4:45)
  14. Cheyenne Anthem (Live) (6:41)

Point Of Know Return - 1977

Point of Know Return is the fifth album by American rock band Kansas, released in 1977.

The huge success of Kansas's previous effort, Leftoverture, brought a new kind of pressure. While they were no longer desperately poor and starving for a hit, the band wondered whether they would be able build on, or at least maintain the level of achievement the years of recording and touring had brought them. The sessions for their follow-up LP, Point of Know Return, were filled with tension as singer/songwriter Steve Walsh, who had always been uncomfortable with the artistic direction of the band, left the group briefly. Years later, Walsh would admit in an interview with nationally-syndicated radio host Redbeard on the weekly rockumentary series In the Studio with Redbeard (edition #849, week of 9/27/04 and again on the 30th Anniversary Episode for Point of Know Return in 2007) that he had been something of a prima donna at this point. The other members of the group talked him into returning and the sessions continued. As with the previous album, it was a last-minute addition to the track line-up that would prove to be a huge success.

Point Of Know Return - 1977
Point Of Know Return
Recorded: June-July 1977 at Woodland Sound, Nashville, TN and Studio In The Country, Bogalusa, LA
Released: October 11 1977
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer: Jeff Glixman 

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitars, Keyboards 
Robby Steinhardt - Violins, Vocals, Lead Vocals On "Lightning's Hand", Sparks Of The Tempest" and "Hopelessly Human" 
Steve Walsh - Keyboards, Vocals 
Rich Williams - Electric Guitars 

Additional personnel:
Rick Williams - Pedals

All Songs Written By Kerry Livgren And Steve Walsh, Except Where Noted.

Track listing:
  1. Point Of Know Return (Phil Ehart /Robby Steinhardt /Steve Walsh) – 3:13
  2. Paradox – 3:50
  3. The Spider (Walsh) – 2:05
  4. Portrait (He Knew) – 4:38
  5. Closet Chronicles – 6:31
  6. Lightning'S Hand – 4:24
  7. Dust In The Wind (Livgren) – 3:28
  8. Sparks Of The Tempest – 4:18
  9. Nobody'S Home – 4:40
  10. Hopelessly Human (Livgren) - 7:17
  11. 2002 Cd Reissue Bonus Tracks:
  12. Sparks Of The Tempest (Live) - (5:17)
  13. Portrait (He Knew) (Remix) - (4:50)

Monolith - 1979

Monolith is the sixth studio album, and seventh album overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1979 (see 1979 in music).

Although this was Kansas' third straight studio album to hit the Billboard Top 10, its sales were slow compared to the previous releases, and its one Top 40 hit, "People Of The South Wind" enjoyed only brief popularity. The title refers to the meaning of the Siouan word "Kansa," the Indian tribe for which the state of Kansas was named. On their 80-city U.S. tour, the band's set list featured the entire album early in the tour, though by the time the tour ended, about half the songs had been cut from the live set in favor of older numbers. A national broadcast of their show at Alpine Valley, Wisconsin on this tour featured the entire album and is one of the most popular unissued live recordings of the band. Believing that fans didn't like Monolith, they did not perform any of the songs again until the mid 1990s, when they revived "People of the South Wind" and "Reason to Be" briefly. In recent years, the opening track, "On the Other Side," has been featured in performances on and off on tours, including that for the Device Voice Drum DVD, although not appearing on the DVD itself.

Monolith - May 1979
Recorded: January - April, 1979 
Released: May, 1979 
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer: Kansas 

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Keyboard 
Robby Steinhardt - Violin, Vocals, Anvil 
Steve Walsh - Keyboard, Vocals 
Rich Williams - Guitar
Track listing:
  1. On The Other Side (Kerry Livgren) – 6:26
  2. People Of The South Wind (Livgren) – 3:41
  3. Angels Have Fallen (Steve Walsh) – 6:39
  4. How My Soul Cries Out For You (Walsh) – 5:46
  5. A Glimpse Of Home (Livgren) – 6:37
  6. Away From You (Walsh) – 4:26
  7. Stay Out Of Trouble (Robby Steinhardt, Walsh, Rich Williams) – 4:15
  8. Reason To Be (Livgren) – 3:51

Audio-Visions  - 1980

Audio-Visions is the seventh studio album, and eighth album overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1980. The album was to be the last album with the band's original lineup until 2000's Somewhere to Elsewhere and coincidentally the band's last studio album to be certified Gold by the RIAA (which it did in December 1980).

Audio-Visions - September 1980
Recorded: 1979-1980
Released: September, 1980 
Label: Kirshner Records
Producer: Kansas, Brad Aaron, Davey Moire

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Keyboard 
Robby Steinhardt - Violin, Vocals, Anvil 
Steve Walsh - Keyboard, Vocals 
Rich Williams - Guitar

Additional personnel:

Terry Ehart - vocals 
Four Bassmen - vocals, background vocals 
Joey Jelf - vocals, background vocals 
Victoria Livgren - vocals 
Joey Self - vocals 
Anne Steinhardt - violin, viola, vocals 
Lisa White - vocals, background vocals 
Donna Williams - vocals, background vocals 
Track listing:
  1. Relentless (Kerry Livgren) – 4:56
  2. Anything For You (Steve Walsh) – 3:58
  3. Hold On (Livgren) – 3:53
  4. Loner (Walsh) – 2:30
  5. Curtain Of Iron (Livgren) – 6:12
  6. Got To Rock On (Walsh) – 3:21
  7. Don'T Open Your Eyes (Phil Ehart, Dave Hope, Livgren, Walsh) – 4:05
  8. No One Together (Livgren) – 6:58
  9. No Room For A Stranger (Walsh, Rich Williams) – 3:00
  10. Back Door (Walsh) – 4:23

Vinyl Confessions - 1982

Vinyl Confessions is the eighth studio album, and ninth album overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1982 (see 1982 in music).

Vinyl Confessions was a major turning point for the band. After the conversion of both guitarist/keyboard player Kerry Livgren and bass player Dave Hope to Christianity, and the focus that Livgren placed on his religion in the band's lyrics, lead singer Steve Walsh did not agree with the new direction of the band and left to form his own band, Streets. Walsh had also contributed much as a songwriter, so the band was forced to find a new lead singer who not only had a vocal style that fit the band's music, but also could contribute material for the upcoming album. After a long audition process, the choice came down to three strong candidates: Warren Ham, Michael Gleason and John Elefante. The band eventually settled on Elefante.

"Fair Exchange" described the world under the rule of the Anti-Christ, while "Chasing Shadows" pointed out the frustration in seeking anything outside Biblical truth. "Diamonds and Pearls" emphasized the value of spiritual wealth over financial wealth, while "Face It", "Windows" and "Borderline" all had strong evangelistic appeals to the listener. The album's closer, "Crossfire," made the album's position abundantly clear in its indirect reference to Jesus Christ ("the one who rose").

Vinyl Confessions did not go unnoticed by the nascent CCM industry, which was just coming into its own at that time. Numerous Christian magazines trumpeted Kansas' new musical direction, and CCM Magazine even chose Vinyl Confessions as the #1 CCM album of 1982. All this attention created an entirely new audience of listeners for Kansas, but it also created further tensions within the band. Those tensions came to a head during the recording of their next album, Drastic Measures.

Vinyl Confessions was also the last album with violinist/vocalist Robby Steinhardt, who left the band after the supporting tour and did not return until 1997.

The album was re-released on CD in remastered form in February 1996 on Legacy/Epic Records. However, the album is currently out of print.

Vinyl Confessions - June 1982
Vinyl Confessions
Recorded: Late 1981 / Early 1982 
Released: June, 1982 
Label: Kirshner Records; Legacy/Epic Records
Producer: Kansas, Ken Scott

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Keyboard 
Robby Steinhardt - Violin, Vocals, Anvil 
John Elefante - Keyboards, Vocals
Rich Williams - Guitar

Additional personnel:

Bill Bergman - alto saxophone, tenor saxophone 
John Berry, Jr. - trumpet 
Jim Coile - tenor saxophone 
Ben Dahlke - bassoon 
Beverly Dahlke-Smith - saxophone 
Warren Ham - harmonica 
David Pack - vocals, background vocals 
Greg Smith - baritone saxophone 
Anne Steinhardt - violin, vocals 
Roger Taylor, drummer for Britain's Queen background vocals on "Right Away", "Diamonds & Pearls", "Play The Game Tonight" 
Lee Thornburg - trumpet, saxophone 
Donna Williams - vocals, background vocals 

Track listing:
  1. Play The Game Tonight - 3:26 (Phil Ehart, Danny Flower, Rob Frazier, Kerry Livgren, Rich Williams)
  2. Right Away (Dino Elefante, John Elefante) – 4:06
  3. Fair Exchange (Livgren) – 5:01
  4. Chasing Shadows (D. Elefante, J. Elefante) – 3:20
  5. Diamonds And Pearls (Livgren) – 4:50
  6. Face It (D. Elefante, J. Elefante) – 4:17
  7. Windows (Livgren) – 3:32
  8. Borderline (Livgren) – 4:00
  9. Play On (J. Elefante, Livgren) – 3:32
  10. Crossfire (Livgren) – 6:35

Drastic Measures - 1983

Drastic Measures is the ninth studio album, and tenth album overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1983 (see 1983 in music).

The shift in direction that Kansas took with Vinyl Confessions took its toll before recording began on this album. After hearing that Christian fans of Kansas were using lyrics from Vinyl Confessions in religious tracts and handing them out prior to the band's live appearances, violinist Robby Steinhardt grew tired of Kansas' new Christian affiliation and quit the band at the end of the 1982 tour.

Drastic Measures - July 1983
Drastic Measures
Recorded: Early 1983 
Released: July, 1983 
Label: Sony Music /Legacy /Epic Records
Producer: Kansas, Neil Kernon

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums 
Dave Hope - Bass 
Kerry Livgren - Guitar, Keyboard 
John Elefante - Keyboards, Vocals
Rich Williams - Guitar

Additional personnel:

Terry Brock - vocals, background vocals 
Kyle Henderson - vocals, background vocals 
David Pack - vocals, background vocals 

Track listing:
  1. Fight Fire With Fire (Dino Elefante, John Elefante) – 3:40
  2. Everybody's My Friend (D. Elefante, J. Elefante) – 4:09
  3. Mainstream (Kerry Livgren) – 6:36
  4. Andi (J. Elefante) – 4:15
  5. Going Through The Motions (D. Elefante, J. Elefante) – 5:43
  6. Get Rich (D. Elefante, J. Elefante) – 3:43
  7. Don't Take Your Love Away (D. Elefante, J. Elefante) – 3:44
  8. End Of The Age (Livgren) – 4:33
  9. Incident On A Bridge (Livgren) – 5:37

Power - 1986

Power is the tenth studio album, and 12th overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1986.

A year and a half after Kansas disbanded at the end of the Drastic Measures tour, former lead singer Steve Walsh returned to revive Kansas along with original band members Phil Ehart and Rich Williams. Virtuoso guitarist Steve Morse, who joined at Phil Ehart's invitation after the two met at a concert in Atlanta, became a significant musical force in the new lineup. Bass guitarist and vocalist Billy Greer (who had worked with Walsh in the short-lived band Streets after he left Kansas in 1982) completed the lineup, which began rehearsing in July 1985 while Walsh was finishing up a tour as sideman for Cheap Trick. They released Power the following year.

The bouncy single "All I Wanted," although out of character for Kansas, fit in well with the mid-'80s pop music scene and sparked a big comeback for the band fueled by the song's promotional video receiving heavy rotation on cable music video channels. The video featured clips of a variety of women walking and smiling but only Walsh and Morse from the band. Specially mixed by famed producer Humberto Gatica, the song was a major top 40 and adult contemporary hit that can still be heard on soft rock radio stations, although the band has not played the song in concert for many years.

The follow-up singles "Power" and "Can't Cry Anymore" failed to receive significant airplay. A video featuring comedian Richard Belzer was produced for "Can't Cry Anymore" but was never widely released. The former was the last Kansas single ever to hit the Billboard Top 100 pop charts. Both of these songs were edited and remixed by Humberto Gatica for release as singles. All three singles released from this album are among the very few 12" promotional singles ever issued for the band.

Power - November 1986
Recorded: 1986
Released: November, 1986 
Label: MCA Records
Producer: Andrew Powell

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums
Billy Greer - Bass, Vocals 
Steve Morse - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Walsh - Keyboard, Vocals
Rich Williams - Guitar

Track listing:
  1. Silhouettes In Disguise (Steve Morse, Steve Walsh) – 4:26
  2. Power (R. Goodrum, Morse, Walsh) – 4:25
  3. All I Wanted (Morse, Walsh) – 3:20
  4. Secret Service (J. Aclin, R. Miller, Morse, Walsh) – 4:42
  5. We'ree Not Alone Anymore (Morse, Walsh) – 4:16
  6. Musicatto – (Morse, Walsh) – 3:30 (Instrumental)
  7. Taking In The View (Morse, Walsh) – 3:06
  8. Three Pretenders (Billy Greer, Morse, Walsh) – 3:50
  9. Tomb 19 (Morse, Walsh) – 3:46
  10. Can't Cry Anymore (Morse, T. Smith, V. Temple) – 4:01

In the Spirit of Things - 1988

In the Spirit of Things is the 11th studio album, and 13th overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1988 (see 1988 in music). It is a very loosely organized concept album telling the story of a flood hitting the real Kansas town of Neosho Falls in the early 1950s. The album is often cited by lead vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Steve Walsh as his favorite Kansas album. Its odd mixture of hard rock, progressive rock, and '80s power ballads (forced on the band by MCA Records, which selected outside songwriters in an attempt to generate hit singles) failed to catch on with a mass audience but it remains a cult favorite among Kansas fans.

The album was Kansas's last studio effort for a major label. It didn't receive much by way of promotion, as MCA dropped a slew of "older" artists shortly after its release and famously switched its attention to current younger acts such as Tiffany. Kansas got caught in that decision and the album was a commercial failure. The label did produce several promotional materials for the record, though, including a glossy video for "Stand Beside Me," which was played regularly on MTV and allowed the single to hit the album rock charts, the very last Kansas single to chart in any format. Other songs were released in odd formats, such as a 12" promotional single of "I Counted on Love," an import edited CD single of "House on Fire," and a small-sized CD single of "Stand Beside Me." The album also marked the last Kansas release to appear in vinyl format.

A tour in support of this album included a broadcast by the King Biscuit Flower Hour, which many years later released the show as a CD.

In the Spirit of Things - October 1988
In the Spirit of Things
Recorded: 1988
Released: October 1988 
Label: MCA Records
Producer: Phil Ehart, Bob Ezrin, Greg Ladanyi, and Paul Maxon

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums
Billy Greer - Bass, Vocals 
Steve Morse - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Walsh - Keyboard, Vocals
Rich Williams - Guitar

Additional personnel:

Terry Brock - vocals, background vocals 
Rev. James Cleveland - vocals, background vocals 
Steve Croes - keyboard, synclavier 
Bob Ezrin - percussion, vocals, background vocals 
Ricky Keller - synthesizer 
John Pierce - bass, fretless bass 
Greg Robert - keyboard, vocals, background vocals 
Southern California Community Choir - chorus 
Christopher Yavelow - synthesizer, Kurzweil synthesizer 

Track listing:
  1. Ghosts (Bob Ezrin, Steve Morse, Steve Walsh) – 4:18
  2. One Big Sky (Phil Ehart, M. Ehmig, Ezrin, H. Kleinfeld, Walsh) – 5:17
  3. Inside Of Me (Morse, Walsh) – 4:42
  4. One Man, One Heart (Dann Huff, Mark Spiro) – 4:20
  5. House On Fire (Ehart, Ezrin, Morse, Walsh) – 4:42
  6. Once In A Lifetime – 4:14 (Antonina Armato, Albert Hammond, Dennis Morgan)
  7. Stand Beside Me (Bruce Gaitsch, Marc Jordan) – 3:28
  8. I Counted On Love (Morse, Walsh) – 3:33
  9. The Preacher (Morse, Walsh) – 4:18
  10. Rainmaker (Ezrin, Morse, Walsh) – 6:44
  11. T.O. Witcher – 1:39 (Instrumental)
  12. Bells Of Saint James (Morse, Walsh) – 5:39

Freaks of Nature - 1995

Freaks Of Nature is the 12th studio album, and 16th overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1995. While the band hoped that it would be a springboard to a strong comeback, the album received little attention beyond what was left of the fan base. Two edited singles were issued but did not chart, nor did the album itself, which carries the distinction of being the only Kansas official studio album not to appear on any Billboard chart. The album was recorded in Trinidad.

Freaks of Nature - 1995
Freaks of Nature
Recorded: 1995 at Caribbean Sound Basin, Trinidad, West Indies
Released: July 1995 
Label: Intersound
Producer: Jeff Glixman

Line up:

Phil Ehart - Drums
Billy Greer - Bass, Vocals 
David Ragsdale - guitar, violin, vocals 
Greg Robert - keyboard, vocals 
Steve Walsh - Keyboard, Vocals
Rich Williams - Guitar

Additional personnel:

Renee Castle - background vocals on 'Hope Once Again' 

Track listing:
  1. I Can Fly (Ragsdale, Walsh) – 5:21
  2. Desperate Times (Walsh) – 5:25
  3. Hope Once Again (Walsh) – 4:34
  4. Black Fathom 4 (Ragsdale, Walsh) – 4:34
  5. Under The Knife (Ragsdale, Walsh) – 4:54
  6. Need (Walsh) – 3:59
  7. Freaks Of Nature (Ehart, Ragsdale, Walsh) – 4:05
  8. Cold Grey Morning (Kerry Livgren) – 4:14
  9. Peaceful And Warm (Walsh) – 6:44 (Including Hidden Track Beware The Gnat - 2:38)

Always Never the Same - 1998

Always Never the Same is the 13th studio album, and 18th overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 1998 (see 1998 in music).

This album is a unique studio recording, as it consists of mostly covers of the band's previous work, re-recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. New songs include "In Your Eyes," "The Sky Is Falling," "Need to Know," and the instrumental, "Preamble." "Prelude & Introduction" is a medley of several Kansas songs. The album also includes a cover of The Beatles' of "Eleanor Rigby," Kansas's first cover to appear on an album since J.J. Cale's "Bringing It Back" on Kansas. "Carry On, Wayward Son" was recorded at the time in case strong sales brought forth a second symphonic album, but it remains unreleased.

Always Never the Same - 1998
Always Never the Same
Recorded: Sept 1997-Feb 1998, Abbey Road Studios, London (UK)
Released: May 19, 1998
Label: River North
Producer: Phil Ehart, Trammell Starks, Rich Williams

Line up:

Phil Ehart - drums 
Billy Greer - bass, vocals 
Robby Steinhardt - violin, vocals 
Steve Walsh - keyboard, vocals 
Rich Williams - guitars 

Additional musicians:
Larry Baird - conductor 
The London Symphony Orchestra 
James Majors - drums 
Jim Roberts - percussion 
Larry Stock - drums 

Track listing:
  1. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney) – 3:22
  2. Dust In The Wind (Kerry Livgren) – 4:01
  3. Preamble (Baird) – 3:25
  4. Song For America (Livgren) – 9:15
  5. In Your Eyes (Walsh) – 4:30
  6. Miracles Out Of Nowhere (Livgren) – 6:27
  7. Hold On (Livgren) – 4:18
  8. The Sky Is Falling (Walsh) – 7:50
  9. Cheyenne Anthem (Livgren) – 7:29
  10. Prelude & Introduction (Kansas/Baird) – 4:53
  11. The Wall (Livgren, Walsh) – 5:29
  12. Need To Know (Walsh) – 4:02
  13. Nobody's Home (Livgren, Walsh) – 6:04

Somewhere to Elsewhere - 2000

Somewhere to Elsewhere is the 14th studio album, and 20th overall, by American rock band Kansas, released in 2000 (see 2000 in music).

This album marks the reunion of the band's original 1970s lineup, along with Billy Greer, who joined Kansas with Power. Kerry Livgren composed all of the album's tracks, and he sings (which he does not normally do) on the hidden track "Geodesic Dome." After its release, it was praised by fans who had been waiting a long time for a good recording. Hence, this album acts like a comeback for the recently struggling band. The direction here is more like the albums from the late seventies, with less christian affection and more focus on hard rock.

Somewhere to Elsewhere - 2000
Somewhere to Elsewhere
Recorded: 1999 at Grandyzine Studio, Berryton, KS
Released: July 11, 2000
Label: Magna Carta
Producer: Kerry Livgren

Line up:

Phil Ehart - drums 
Billy Greer - bass, lead vocals (track 6), background vocals 
Dave Hope - bass (tracks 2 & 6) 
Kerry Livgren - guitar, keyboard 
Robby Steinhardt - violin, viola, lead vocals (tracks 3, 7, 8), background vocals 
Steve Walsh - lead vocals (tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10), background vocals 
Rich Williams - guitar 

Track listing:
  1. Icarus II – 7:17
  2. When The World Was Young – 5:50
  3. Grand Fun Alley – 4:38
  4. The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis) – 5:44
  5. Myriad – 8:55
  6. Look At The Time – 5:37
  7. Disappearing Skin Tight Blues – 7:02
  8. Distant Vision – 8:48
  9. Byzantium – 4:15
  10. Not Man Big – 8:39
  11. Geodesic Dome [Hidden Track] – 1:24