Abandon - 1998

Line up:

Ian Gillan - Lead Vocals
Steve Morse - Guitar
Roger Glover - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jon Lord - Organ, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ian Paice - Drums
Abandon - 1998

All songs by Ian Gillan, Steve Morse, Roger Glover, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, except where noted.
Track list:
  1. Any Fule Kno That 4:29
  2. Almost Human 4:26
  3. Don't Make Me Happy 4:56
  4. Seventh Heaven 5:25
  5. Watching the Sky 5:26
  6. Fingers to the Bone 4:47
  7. Jack Ruby 3:48
  8. She Was 4:19
  9. Whatsername 4:26
  10. '69 4:59
  11. Evil Louie 4:56
  12. Bludsucker 4:27 (Ritchie Blackmore, Gillan, Glover, Lord, Paice)


	Abandon is an album by Deep Purple released in 1998.

	The album title is actually a pun from Ian Gillan - "A Band On" -
	and the album was followed by the "A Band On Tour".
	Uniquely for a Deep Purple studio album, it features a reworking of a previously
	recorded song -"Bloodsucker" from Deep Purple in Rock (here re-titled "Bludsucker").
	"Don't Make Me Happy" was mistakenly mastered in mono, and not amended on the final release.
	The album was recorded at Greg Rike Studios, Orlando, Florida, during 1997/98.
	Engineered by Darren Schneider.