Rod Argent - Keyboards, Vocals
Russ Ballard - Guitar
John Verity - Guitar (1973-1976)
Jim Rodford - Bass
Robert Henrit - Drums
John Grimaldi - Guitar

Mac MacLeod
	Guitarist, Bassist, Singer-Songwriter, Instruments Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass guitar, Sitar, Flute 
Chris White - Bass

  1. Argent 1970
  2. Ring Of Hands 1971
  3. All Together Now 1972
  4. In Deep 1973
  5. Nexus 1974
  6. Encore (Live) 1974
  7. Circus 1975
  8. Counterpoints 1975
  9. Moving Home - Rod Argent Solo Album 1978
  10. BBC RADIO - In Concert - CD 1995
  11. The BBC Sessions 1970-1973 - CD 1997

Argent were an English rock band founded in 1969 by Rod Argent, formerly of The Zombies.

The first three demos from Argent, recorded in the autumn of 1968 featured Mac MacLeod on bass guitar.

The other original members were drummer Robert Henrit and bassist Jim Rodford (later members of The Kinks) and guitarist/keyboardist Russ Ballard, who contributed to several compositions through the group's career (some of Ballard's compositions became hits when they were covered by other artists, including Rainbow and Santana).

When Ballard left in 1973, he was replaced by guitarist/vocalist John Verity and guitarist John Grimaldi and there followed a period of intense recording and touring until the band decided to come off the road late in 1976.